30 Jun 10:32
3 years ago
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I sure can :)

30 Jun 1:57
3 years ago
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Kurt! Ta da!

Thank you babe. Have fun :D

30 Jun 1:41
3 years ago
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I re-sent my Kurt audition. I hope it went through? If it didn't, I'll have to find another way of sending it. :/

Oh ok! Yes! xD Accepted Make the account :D

30 Jun 1:40
3 years ago
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Your name: Elliott
Your age: 18
Timezone: EST
Character Name: Kurt Hummel
Ships: Puckurt, Kinn, Kartie, Kurtofsky, Mikurt. Open to Kum and Klaine but I'd prefer something else.
Para Sample:

Kurt had spent all day outside in the hot sun, and it wasn't doing anything good for his poor skin. They had parked the RV at a nice little beach and all the girls were playing in the sand, making sand castles. Sure, Kurt had joined in for the first half hour. But then his skin started getting hot. He checked the expiration date on the sunblock bottle- oh god. He groaned, covering his entire body with his giant towel. He had been laying out in the sun for almost an hour! And it was sweltering! Kurt heard someone plop down in the sand beside him and he looked up through a crack in the fabric. Puck was sitting beside him, watching the waves. "You get burnt, Hummel?" Puck asked with a grin, glancing down. Kurt rolled his eyes and hid back under his blanket.

"No. I just like hiding myself in a giant towel and never showing myself again." He replied haughtily, already in a bad mood because of the damn sunburn.

"...Hey, I brought aloe. It's in the car... but I'm not gonna let you use it if you're gonna be a dick." Puck shrugged and flashed a smile at Kurt, who bit his lip, debating.

"...A-Aloe, you say? Um. Well... I was just being silly. My skin's kind of on fire right now... and when I move, it feels like someone dropped me on hot coals."

Puck just chuckled and helped Kurt up, letting him keep the towel around him. He grabbed his hand and started pulling him along towards the RV.

Are you the person who already tried to send your application for Kurt in but it didn’t go through? 

30 Jun 1:29
3 years ago
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Working on the account, but here it is.

Awesome Thank you! And Have fun :D

30 Jun 1:24
3 years ago
Puck Audition

SHIPS:  I prefer slash
PARA SAMPLE: (prince AU)

Noah sighed and put his fag out on the wall of his bedroom. The help would take care of that. They’d have new wall paper up by morning to cover it and the forty or so other cigarette burns he had been burning into his wall. Originally the ideal was that he was going to count the days of his imprisonment in the castle. He would only put one out in the wall to signify each passing day that he was forced to not leave the castle gates, but he quickly became bored and started putting them out into the too expensive wallpaper of the wall with each at will. He thought that the results were coming along rather well. 

This was like being in prison. Not being able to go out to his clubs, see his friends, and associate with the people was starting to kill him inside. So what if a certain photograph fell into the wrong hands? So what if certain people demanded money from his mother in order for the public to not find out what the Prince looked like doing a line of cocaine? What was the big deal? The people have a right to know, it wasn’t like he was ever going to become the King anyway, that right was reserved for the good son. The one without a mohawk and a bad attitude and a taste for drugs and sex. Noah sighed and strutted over to one of the leather bound chairs sitting in his sitting room. He leaned forward and grabbed his glass of aged chardonnay from the coffee table. He took a small sip and sighed audibly. This was going to be a long, lonely night. 

ACCEPTED! I think he’s great :D Just make your account and send it in.

30 Jun 1:21
3 years ago
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♥ 1 note
I sent in an application for Kurt. Did you not get it? :( I forgot ask boxes weren't really working.

No I didn’t, I’m sorry. :) I’ll reserve him until you send it in again.

30 Jun 1:19
3 years ago
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ask boxes aren't working right, open your submit please! x3

Opened :) It should be at least it keeps shutting off. 

Glee Road trip - Finn, Kurt & Puck Reopened

After Graduation a few members of the Glee Club decided, before going their separate ways, to rent an RV and go on a cross country road trip. What wild shenanigans can these kids get up to without adult supervision? Well, lets just sit back and watch. They have just left New York and are currently hanging in the Jersey Shore, come join them for their wacky shenanigans. We need the boys, Sam can’t make everyone happy at once. Even if Santana tries to help him. ;) 

In this RP we really like sex, drugs, and rock and roll so this is basically a mature RP and if you don’t like it you don’t have to join. But we want people to have an open mind and if you have a set ship in mind, this probably isn’t the place for you because we encourage erryone gettin’ with erryone. 

Also for the time being we are only accepting a few characters and no originals. We might open up the other ones later but we’re keeping it small for now.


Blaine Anderson http://blainerz.tumblr.com/
Brittany Pierce  http://brittanygleek.tumblr.com/
Finn Hudson 
Kurt Hummel 
Noah Puckerman
Quinn Fabray http://quinn-lf.tumblr.com/
Rachel Berry http://rachelberryftw.tumblr.com/
Sam Evans http://trouty-evans.tumblr.com/
Santana Lopez http://satan-tana.tumblr.com/


SHIPS: (there can be “endgames” but we encourage you to keep an open mind) 


28 Jun 10:56
3 years ago
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I'm going to have to leave this RP. Sorry. Hope you find another Kurt soon.

Oh, Ok. Thanks for letting us know, hon. :)